Mens Christmas Gift Guide 2021

It's that time of year again!! It's the run down to Christmas and I have teamed up with some fabulous brands to bring you this year's men's gift guide. Whether you need a gift for your Dad, your Uncle or even your brother you will find something here. I will be adding items to this guide right the way up till mid-December so make sure you keep checking back or make sure you are following us on social media. All the items are handily linked so if you see it, love it and want it then just click the link and go directly to the page! Super easy Christmas shopping at your fingertips, happy viewing!

Upper Cut Deluxe Beard Duo - £20

For the bearded gent in your life, you can go wrong with a bit of beard grooming. The most important part of having a beard is the maintenance, it can be silly and smooth with the right care. Uppercut deluxe beard oil is formulated to condition the beard before you go on to style it with the beard balm. The oil is used every 2nd day and will keep your beard soft and healthy. The balm can be used daily to style your beard, help keep your skin moisturised and soothe irritability.

For the garden/bird enthusiast in your life, you can’t  go wrong with some lovely items from Henry Bell. The sterling feeding station stands 218cm tall and has lovely decorative leaves and hooks on that you can hang your seed feeders off. The Grand sterling feeder (£17.99) is the ideal accompaniment to the feeding station at 60cm tall, that's some capacity for bird feed! The built-in perches are great for the birds to sit on while they nibble away. The perfect Christmas gift from Henry Bell this Christmas.

This awesome shaving brush from clear confidence features 100% plastic-free construction and grass-based bristles, it is made using only eco-friendly materials. You would think the grass-based bristles sound harsh, but they are in fact super soft and the handle grips really well. You can paint it with the plastic-free razor when you shop to make your ultimate gift bundle.

For the budding or experienced cook in your life how about a cookbook that minimises food waste? This cookbook contains 80 recipes that minimise food waste by using every edible bot of your food. Each recipe comes with stunning bold photographs, an ingredients list and a step by step cooking guide. It even has tips on storage, leftovers and freezing. The book has 4 chapters, the first 3 chapters are recipes for 2 people, which can be doubled or tripled for larger families, the last chapter is all about batch cooking.

L’huile Stupéfiante is the #1 Amazing Oil from French brand, Ho Karan, a multipurpose product that can be used on the face, body, and even the hair. The active formula contains a blend of three natural oils cannabis sativa, inca inchi, and tsubaki, to hydrate and protect the skin and nourish the hair,rrp £22 for 30ml. Alphagreen’s CBD Gummies are soft, not chewy, fat-free, and come in at only 20 calories. At 25mg CBD per gummy, there is a slow, gentle, and continuous release of CBD into the body. They taste sweet like ripe peaches, refreshingly tangy and there is no trace of a taste of hemp. Retails at £20 for a box of gummies. Alphagreen 10% CBD Oil is vegan friendly, this is a no-nonsense product that is suitable for anyone who is keen to explore new ways of incorporating CBD into their lifestyle. The 10% strength is the sweet spot of mid-range, meaning it’s very easy to be flexible with your dosage, retails at £30 for 10ml.

You can't beat a ramer sponge and their range isn't just about bath sponges! You can't beat the super-soft sponges, available in standard size and large for extra foamy showers. The wet shave towel is perfect for a hot shave. You dunk it in hot water pre-shave to open your pores, then dunk it on cold after to close them again, the perfect set towel shave at home!

If you have trouble drifting off at noght then Rescue could be the thing for you. RESCUE® knows that quality sleep after a demanding day can be difficult if you aren’t relaxed and ready for bed. In turn, if you haven’t had a good night’s sleep and are feeling tired, the next day can seem extra daunting, with day-to-day challenges often feeling overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be that way. New Peaceful Night Capsules are designed as a unique way to help you unwind and relax in preparation for a restful quality sleep; so you awake feeling more refreshed. They are an active fusion of botanicals, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 plus RESCUE flower essences which. Rescue Dream Balm is designed as a natural way to help relax your muscles, release tension and soothe the mind, preparing you for a great nights sleep. An active fusion of CBD, botanical oils and plant extracts plus Rescue flower essences slowly diffuse into your skin, moisturising with a blend of shea butter, apricot kernel oil, hemp seed oil and vitamin E. 

Airpop Masks - From £19.99

Now it seems that masks are still a part of our daily life, then you want a comfortable mask. Airpop have masks with disposable and changeable filters and even do masks for children. I really like the bridge on the nose area that makes them super comfortable to wear, its an ergonomic foam and it's super soft. They feel really breathable and you don't feel suffocated and like you taste your own breath in them.  My fussy teen still has to wear a mask to school every day and he now favours these over the blue medical masks he's been using.

For the man who wants to introduce a bit of spontaneity into his Christmas with his other half, this is the calendar for him! Each day has a unique task to be carried out from the naughty to the nice. Advent means “To Come” in Latin, so we’ve designed this couples Christmas calendar to help you “advent” together and make your run up to Christmas the best yet; you’ll be wanting next year’s adult advent calendar in your stocking come Christmas morning.

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