Food & Drink Christmas Gift Guide 2021

It's that time of year again!! It's the run down to Christmas and I have teamed up with some fabulous brands to bring you this year's food & drink gift guide. I will be adding items to this guide right the way up till mid-December so make sure you keep checking back or make sure you are following us on social media. All the items are handily linked so if you see it, love it and want it then just click the link and go directly to the page! Super easy Christmas shopping at your fingertips, happy viewing!

If like me you need some rocket fuel to get you going in the morning then the worlds strongest coffee is the one for you. The coffee has been certified as having 1105mg of caffeine per 12oz (standard size) mug, equating to more than four times the strength of Starbucks or other typical high street brands. They offer ground coffee, beans, Nespresso pods and coffee bags in two roasts: the regular roast offers a high level of caffeine, but a very mild flavour. The dark roast offers the same high level, but a more intense flavour.  The coffee bags are a newly created innovation to allow freshly brewed coffee to be made one cup at a time using bags that filter the coffee over the mug or cup.  The Nespresso Pods are certified fully home compostable, being the first to gain this certification in the UK, and are therefore environmentally friendly.
When it comes to our Boxing Day buffet there always has to be a selection of nuts and these Cambrooks nut selections are just luxury! Available in a selection of amazing flavour combinations, the 2 pack offers baked truffle and hickory smoked almonds. The triple pack contains 2 different cocktail mixes and baked cashews with chilli and lime. They come in fab reusable jars and beautiful gift boxes so would make a fab gift for a foodie in your life. If you find a favourite flavour you can buy them by the case full! 

Who doesn't love a cup of tea (apart from coffee lovers!!) this cute little cube from Bird and Blend contains 12 individually wrapped tea bags in some festive flavours. The perfect gift for someone who wants to try out some different flavours without committing to a full box. All Bird and Blend products are plastic-free and biodegradable. Make sure you check out their advent calendars if you want a tea surprise all through advent, available in regular or caffeine-free.

I love a good glass of wine, I'm not a massive drinker but when it comes to wine it's got to be a good wine. Sea Change is passionate about 2 things protecting our oceans from plastic pollution and great tasting wine. Available in a range of flavours at £14.99 per bottle you just have to choose your favourite. There are several multi-buy options available saving you £2 per bottle on a full case. You can also be extra prepared for Christmas day with Sea Change’s Christmas Day Pack (£35 RRP), which includes a bottle of their fruity, soft Prosecco, zesty Sauvignon Blanc and rich Malbec wines. Whatever your guests choose to drink, Sea Change is suited to everyone’s taste!
If you have a non-drinker around this Christmas then it's only polite to have some nice alcohol free drinks available. Zag is an incredibly distinctive new alcohol-free drink. It was completely different to anything the big producers are offering, it is unbelievably refreshing, not too sweet (unlike fizzy, soft drinks designed for kids) and very, very tasty (far from those unpleasant alcohol-free beers). It's a fantastic blend of ingredients that provides a perfect hit of freshness. It would be perfect for any sober friends and family or ideal as a stocking filler for someone planning on doing dry January. 
I love a piece of shortbread and these sound amazing from Island Bakery. Inside the tin is a tray of fruit and nut butter biscuits. This delicious Scottish shortbread features the contrasting textures of soft, chewy dates and gently yielding walnuts in a light and crispy, all-butter shortbread. The tart date lends a piquant counterpoint to the creamy walnuts and butteriness of the biscuit. The lovely tin makes a great keepsake and lends itself to this being a great Christmas gift for someone this year. I will be adding this to a hamper I am making up for my Mum, she loves a good shortbread too.
Who doesn't love Haribo? My gang all have a different favourite when its comes to Haribo but Tangtastics are the biggest winner all round. These Chriamtas selection are perfect for the festive season, Puck Penguin has 3 different flavours in foam/jelly sweeties. The giant trees are the festive version of my fav giant srawbs, so these have my name all over them. The festive starmix candycane flavoured bears, marshmallow egg and an apple strudel flavoured ring, the perfect festive combo! HARIBO’s favourite treats all in one box. This gift box contains a tray with Starmix, Super Mix, Giant Strawbs, Jelly Babies, Tangfastics and Gold Bears – a super surprise for your loved one to unwrap come Christmas morning.
Christmas Special, a festive blend, is roasted for easy extraction across many brew methods – including espresso! For filter, we recommend a ration of 60g coffee to 1 litre of fresh, filtered water, adjusted for size. For espresso, try 18g of coffee to 40g of liquid, pulled over 30-32 seconds. Whether its enjoying a light hearted cartoon or a heartfelt tear-jerker, gathering around the telly with loved ones during the festive period is a time-worn tradition for many of us. Our Christmas Special Blend celebrates this modern ritual and the on-screen magic we turn to around the holidays, often with a mug in hand.
Mediterranean Bio Ltd, the natural and organic sugars company founded by Patricia de Middel Puch, has launched, SWICILY; an organic sugar substitute with unique flavour, grown ethically by the local farmers of the island of Sicily. SWICILY is currently available in a 250ml bottle, at a price of £9.00, and sold alongside limited-edition “222 boxes”, priced at £222. Inside each limited-edition box will be a bottle of SWICILY, along with a numbered and signed 17 x 17 print of museum-quality art, produced by Cristina de Middel, whose work can be found in such museums as the Tate Modern in London and the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York City.
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