Food & Drink Christmas Gift Guide 2021

It's that time of year again!! It's the run down to Christmas and I have teamed up with some fabulous brands to bring you this year's food & drink gift guide. I will be adding items to this guide right the way up till mid-December so make sure you keep checking back or make sure you are following us on social media. All the items are handily linked so if you see it, love it and want it then just click the link and go directly to the page! Super easy Christmas shopping at your fingertips, happy viewing!

If like me you need some rocket fuel to get you going in the morning then the worlds strongest coffee is the one for you. The coffee has been certified as having 1105mg of caffeine per 12oz (standard size) mug, equating to more than four times the strength of Starbucks or other typical high street brands. They offer ground coffee, beans, Nespresso pods and coffee bags in two roasts: the regular roast offers a high level of caffeine, but a very mild flavour. The dark roast offers the same high level, but a more intense flavour.  The coffee bags are a newly created innovation to allow freshly brewed coffee to be made one cup at a time using bags that filter the coffee over the mug or cup.  The Nespresso Pods are certified fully home compostable, being the first to gain this certification in the UK, and are therefore environmentally friendly.
When it comes to our Boxing Day buffet there always has to be a selection of nuts and these Cambrooks nut selections are just luxury! Available in a selection of amazing flavour combinations, the 2 pack offers baked truffle and hickory smoked almonds. The triple pack contains 2 different cocktail mixes and baked cashews with chilli and lime. They come in fab reusable jars and beautiful gift boxes so would make a fab gift for a foodie in your life. If you find a favourite flavour you can buy them by the case full! 

Who doesn't love a cup of tea (apart from coffee lovers!!) this cute little cube from Bird and Blend contains 12 individually wrapped tea bags in some festive flavours. The perfect gift for someone who wants to try out some different flavours without committing to a full box. All Bird and Blend products are plastic-free and biodegradable. Make sure you check out their advent calendars if you want a tea surprise all through advent, available in regular or caffeine-free.

I love a good glass of wine, I'm not a massive drinker but when it comes to wine it's got to be a good wine. Sea Change is passionate about 2 things protecting our oceans from plastic pollution and great tasting wine. Available in a range of flavours at £14.99 per bottle you just have to choose your favourite. There are several multi-buy options available saving you £2 per bottle on a full case. You can also be extra prepared for Christmas day with Sea Change’s Christmas Day Pack (£35 RRP), which includes a bottle of their fruity, soft Prosecco, zesty Sauvignon Blanc and rich Malbec wines. Whatever your guests choose to drink, Sea Change is suited to everyone’s taste!
If you have a non-drinker around this Christmas then it's only polite to have some nice alcohol free drinks available. Zag is an incredibly distinctive new alcohol-free drink. It was completely different to anything the big producers are offering, it is unbelievably refreshing, not too sweet (unlike fizzy, soft drinks designed for kids) and very, very tasty (far from those unpleasant alcohol-free beers). It's a fantastic blend of ingredients that provides a perfect hit of freshness. It would be perfect for any sober friends and family or ideal as a stocking filler for someone planning on doing dry January. 
I love a piece of shortbread and these sound amazing from Island Bakery. Inside the tin is a tray of fruit and nut butter biscuits. This delicious Scottish shortbread features the contrasting textures of soft, chewy dates and gently yielding walnuts in a light and crispy, all-butter shortbread. The tart date lends a piquant counterpoint to the creamy walnuts and butteriness of the biscuit. The lovely tin makes a great keepsake and lends itself to this being a great Christmas gift for someone this year. I will be adding this to a hamper I am making up for my Mum, she loves a good shortbread too.
Who doesn't love Haribo? My gang all have a different favourite when its comes to Haribo but Tangtastics are the biggest winner all round. These Chriamtas selection are perfect for the festive season, Puck Penguin has 3 different flavours in foam/jelly sweeties. The giant trees are the festive version of my fav giant srawbs, so these have my name all over them. The festive starmix candycane flavoured bears, marshmallow egg and an apple strudel flavoured ring, the perfect festive combo! HARIBO’s favourite treats all in one box. This gift box contains a tray with Starmix, Super Mix, Giant Strawbs, Jelly Babies, Tangfastics and Gold Bears – a super surprise for your loved one to unwrap come Christmas morning.
Christmas Special, a festive blend, is roasted for easy extraction across many brew methods – including espresso! For filter, we recommend a ration of 60g coffee to 1 litre of fresh, filtered water, adjusted for size. For espresso, try 18g of coffee to 40g of liquid, pulled over 30-32 seconds. Whether its enjoying a light hearted cartoon or a heartfelt tear-jerker, gathering around the telly with loved ones during the festive period is a time-worn tradition for many of us. Our Christmas Special Blend celebrates this modern ritual and the on-screen magic we turn to around the holidays, often with a mug in hand.
Mediterranean Bio Ltd, the natural and organic sugars company founded by Patricia de Middel Puch, has launched, SWICILY; an organic sugar substitute with unique flavour, grown ethically by the local farmers of the island of Sicily. SWICILY is currently available in a 250ml bottle, at a price of £9.00, and sold alongside limited-edition “222 boxes”, priced at £222. Inside each limited-edition box will be a bottle of SWICILY, along with a numbered and signed 17 x 17 print of museum-quality art, produced by Cristina de Middel, whose work can be found in such museums as the Tate Modern in London and the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York City.
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Children's Christmas Gift Guide 2021

It's that time of year again!! It's the run down to Christmas and I have teamed up with some fabulous brands to bring you this year's children's gift guide. Whether you need a gift for your children, your siblings or even your niece/nephew you will find something here. I will be adding items to this guide right the way up till mid-December so make sure you keep checking back or make sure you are following us on social media. All the items are handily linked so if you see it, love it and want it then just click the link and go directly to the page! Super easy Christmas shopping at your fingertips, happy viewing!

Jaques London has been making and inventing toys since 1795 and believe in the power of play and family time together. We love toys that we can all play with as a family and love good quality toys that stand the test of time. The car park is made entirely from wood and the dinosaur design is a must for your dino fan, it's really bright and colourful. The 4 little cars glide down the track and head the dinosaurs waiting at the end. The car park comes in a beautiful gift box with a Jaques bow so it's all ready to go and will make a stunning gift.

Nothing says Christmas like the smell of gingerbread and this cookie baking box from Britain Loves Baking is fab for the festive season. It contains everything you will need to make 2 batches of 3 different types of gingerbread cookie, all you will need to add is 2 eggs. The ingredients are all premeasured so it's a lovely activity to do with little ones this Christmas. It even includes the cookie-cutter which you can keep and use time and time again. The kit will make over 50 cookies total, so should keep you in gingerbread for the festive season!
Teething is just no fun and who wants to be teething at Christmas, these products from Gummee will be a real treat for your Baba. The Gummee glove plus has 2 attached side silicone side teethers and a detachable heart teether. The detachable heart tether can be swapped with items from the link n teethe which you can secure to babies wrist, the link n teethe has 3 detachable shapes that can all be added to the gummee glove. It can also be attached to your pram, car seat or even your own wrist.

For your hands on little ones, this Christmas the Littledug workstation is the toy for you. Inspired by the BiGDUG BiG400 Heavy Duty Workstation, the LiTTLEDUG Workstation is a must-have present for young engineers, DIY gurus, decorators, builders, and for any kids who want to help Mum & Dad out with odd jobs around the house. Its aimed at ages 3+ due to the small parts, but it will keep them busy for hours. The 6 tools include a hammer and a wrench for some great imaginative play. It's really easy to build up and take apart so you won't spend hours on Christmas morning building it up!
This is a monthly baking box subscription delivered through your letterbox every month, so it's a gift that keeps on giving. You can choose a 3, 6 or 12-month subscription. Each box is packed with fun activities and recipes to try, One of the recipes comes with all the ingredients you need to make and try the recipe. The instructions are really easy to follow so the whole family can get involved. The recipe creds are wiped clean so you can keep them and use them again and again. My 10 year old easily followed the instructions and made the no-bake brownies independently and loved sharing them with the family.

When it comes to babies skin you want something super soft and comfy. The Ramer ultra-soft sponges are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. The beauty of the ramer sponges is that they dry hard, so they reduce the bacteria growth that occurs in wet sponges. How many times have you picked up a sponge and thought urghh that's slimy! Now you know why that's bacteria festering in your sponge, ramer are also machine washable!

The Nitro Circus Ryan Williams RW Signature Replica Gold Stunt Scooter is perfect for any up and coming rider wanting to get into stunt scootering. Based on the Ryan Williams Signature scooter his replica complete scooter has just rolled into town suited for all those smaller and younger riders. The bright colours, sleek design and smaller bars and deck make this an ideal first complete scooter for all you beginner and advancing scooter riders out there. This scooter comes in 2 sizes, the Junior (75cm Height) and the Standard replica size (80cm Height). Please make sure you select the correct size. If the other sizes and options are in stock, the products will show under the other colours section above the add to basket logo. Spud is well impressed with this scooter he's been using it for 2 months and says it's a super smooth ride, you can ell the quality difference from the cheap scooter he's had before.

Treasure trails provide walking guides for all over Great Britain, you just head over to the website and choose your local area, you then enter your postcode and it shows you what's available. I selected Greater Manchester and there are 6 local trails for us to choose from. The guides show him long the walk will take and a full map is included, some of them are themed and have clues to be discovered. A great gift for your active child this Christmas.

Pops love a good book, she isn't big into toys right now, but loves to read and we encourage this 100%. This latest volume in the New York Times bestselling book series is dedicated to amplifying and applauding the achievements of black women and girls from around the world - ranging from the known to the little-known - and is curated and illustrated by black women and non-binary artists from cover to cover. Vibrantly illustrated and truly inspirational, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls tells the stories of 100 heroic women from Elizabeth I to Serena Williams. I love the message behind the book - Girls Can Be Anything They Want To Be

Our Pops lives in a pair of headphones and if she not wearing headphones she has a trusty pair of ear defenders on. She's been through a fair few pairs of headphones (she's a wire chewer!)but these will be here 1st pair of wireless ones! They do have the option to be wired also with the contrasting pink plugin, fab for if the charge runs out on long journeys. They are specially for kids with a maximum volume of 85bd, suitable for young ears, so you won't be worried about them listening too loud. They are noise cancelling and have a built-in microphone. Once fully charged you get 20 whole hours of sound pleasure for your ears. These are available in pink, blue and white.

My brother was always throwing a YOYO round when we were little, but it's safe to say the plastic spinning discs have changed! Get ready to throw like a pro with the Mega Spin Saturn! Featuring a super smooth ball-bearing axle for incredibly long spin times - perfect for performing anything from basic to more advanced tricks! The butterfly shape is ideal for perfecting your string tricks and the flashing colour-changing LED lights on both sides adds a whole new dimension to your throws! I know the boys will be fighting over this, that is if their uncle doesn't get in there first and nabs it for himself!

I love this as it's 100% kid-powered and really gets the kids thinking about speed, velocity and height. This no batteries required rocket goes as high as 400 feet and is powered by your kid's feet! The kit comes with the stomp launcher and 3 rockets, grab your kiddos and get them to the park for some flying outdoor fun. You can team this fab toy with the Stomp Rocket Science book and really get the kids thinking about STEM.

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Mens Christmas Gift Guide 2021

It's that time of year again!! It's the run down to Christmas and I have teamed up with some fabulous brands to bring you this year's men's gift guide. Whether you need a gift for your Dad, your Uncle or even your brother you will find something here. I will be adding items to this guide right the way up till mid-December so make sure you keep checking back or make sure you are following us on social media. All the items are handily linked so if you see it, love it and want it then just click the link and go directly to the page! Super easy Christmas shopping at your fingertips, happy viewing!

Upper Cut Deluxe Beard Duo - £20

For the bearded gent in your life, you can go wrong with a bit of beard grooming. The most important part of having a beard is the maintenance, it can be silly and smooth with the right care. Uppercut deluxe beard oil is formulated to condition the beard before you go on to style it with the beard balm. The oil is used every 2nd day and will keep your beard soft and healthy. The balm can be used daily to style your beard, help keep your skin moisturised and soothe irritability.

For the garden/bird enthusiast in your life, you can’t  go wrong with some lovely items from Henry Bell. The sterling feeding station stands 218cm tall and has lovely decorative leaves and hooks on that you can hang your seed feeders off. The Grand sterling feeder (£17.99) is the ideal accompaniment to the feeding station at 60cm tall, that's some capacity for bird feed! The built-in perches are great for the birds to sit on while they nibble away. The perfect Christmas gift from Henry Bell this Christmas.

This awesome shaving brush from clear confidence features 100% plastic-free construction and grass-based bristles, it is made using only eco-friendly materials. You would think the grass-based bristles sound harsh, but they are in fact super soft and the handle grips really well. You can paint it with the plastic-free razor when you shop to make your ultimate gift bundle.

For the budding or experienced cook in your life how about a cookbook that minimises food waste? This cookbook contains 80 recipes that minimise food waste by using every edible bot of your food. Each recipe comes with stunning bold photographs, an ingredients list and a step by step cooking guide. It even has tips on storage, leftovers and freezing. The book has 4 chapters, the first 3 chapters are recipes for 2 people, which can be doubled or tripled for larger families, the last chapter is all about batch cooking.

L’huile Stupéfiante is the #1 Amazing Oil from French brand, Ho Karan, a multipurpose product that can be used on the face, body, and even the hair. The active formula contains a blend of three natural oils cannabis sativa, inca inchi, and tsubaki, to hydrate and protect the skin and nourish the hair,rrp £22 for 30ml. Alphagreen’s CBD Gummies are soft, not chewy, fat-free, and come in at only 20 calories. At 25mg CBD per gummy, there is a slow, gentle, and continuous release of CBD into the body. They taste sweet like ripe peaches, refreshingly tangy and there is no trace of a taste of hemp. Retails at £20 for a box of gummies. Alphagreen 10% CBD Oil is vegan friendly, this is a no-nonsense product that is suitable for anyone who is keen to explore new ways of incorporating CBD into their lifestyle. The 10% strength is the sweet spot of mid-range, meaning it’s very easy to be flexible with your dosage, retails at £30 for 10ml.

You can't beat a ramer sponge and their range isn't just about bath sponges! You can't beat the super-soft sponges, available in standard size and large for extra foamy showers. The wet shave towel is perfect for a hot shave. You dunk it in hot water pre-shave to open your pores, then dunk it on cold after to close them again, the perfect set towel shave at home!

If you have trouble drifting off at noght then Rescue could be the thing for you. RESCUE® knows that quality sleep after a demanding day can be difficult if you aren’t relaxed and ready for bed. In turn, if you haven’t had a good night’s sleep and are feeling tired, the next day can seem extra daunting, with day-to-day challenges often feeling overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be that way. New Peaceful Night Capsules are designed as a unique way to help you unwind and relax in preparation for a restful quality sleep; so you awake feeling more refreshed. They are an active fusion of botanicals, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 plus RESCUE flower essences which. Rescue Dream Balm is designed as a natural way to help relax your muscles, release tension and soothe the mind, preparing you for a great nights sleep. An active fusion of CBD, botanical oils and plant extracts plus Rescue flower essences slowly diffuse into your skin, moisturising with a blend of shea butter, apricot kernel oil, hemp seed oil and vitamin E. 

Airpop Masks - From £19.99

Now it seems that masks are still a part of our daily life, then you want a comfortable mask. Airpop have masks with disposable and changeable filters and even do masks for children. I really like the bridge on the nose area that makes them super comfortable to wear, its an ergonomic foam and it's super soft. They feel really breathable and you don't feel suffocated and like you taste your own breath in them.  My fussy teen still has to wear a mask to school every day and he now favours these over the blue medical masks he's been using.

For the man who wants to introduce a bit of spontaneity into his Christmas with his other half, this is the calendar for him! Each day has a unique task to be carried out from the naughty to the nice. Advent means “To Come” in Latin, so we’ve designed this couples Christmas calendar to help you “advent” together and make your run up to Christmas the best yet; you’ll be wanting next year’s adult advent calendar in your stocking come Christmas morning.

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Womens Christmas Gift Guide 2021

It's that time of year again!! It's the run down to Christmas and I have teamed up with some fabulous brands to bring you this year's women's gift guide. Whether you need a gift for your Mum, your Aunt or even your sister you will find something here. I will be adding items to this guide right the way up till mid-December so make sure you keep checking back or make sure you are following us on social media. All the items are handily linked so if you see it, love it and want it then just click the link and go directly to the page! Super easy Christmas shopping at your fingertips, happy viewing!

This beautiful collection from Earthy Nail comes in 4 stunning colours: polar white, passion red, pink orchid and flamingo pink. Its their mission is to provide the highest quality product with the least impact on the environment. They achieve this by using natural origin and bio-sourced materials and sustainable packaging. The Thank You Heroes collection is extra special because from each pack sold Earthy Heroes are donating £7.99 to NHS charities. They come in a lovely gift box and the natural antimicrobial, antibacterial bamboo cap make them look extra special.

This set from ARRAN Sense of Scotland comes beautifully gift-boxed and makes a stunning gift for someone with hard-working hands. Everything you need for nourished, hydrated hands all in one collection, the set contains 3 travel-sized hand creams in Arran's most popular fragrances. Treat your loved one to the lightweight yet deeply moisturising properties of this hand cream trio. I love the non-greasy formula and my hands felt super soft and smooth and use and the fragrances smell amazing and feel very calming.

This is is the perfect little gift for the traveller in your life as it's all compliant with airport restrictions, including the see-through zip bag! No more sandwich bags for hand luggage!! The nectarine and pear fragrance is perfect for your holiday as it's a really fresh scent. The set contains hand lotion, body lotion, shower gel and a body mist all in the same matching scent. The zip bag is plenty big enough to put your other airport essentials in too. Grace Cole understand the transformative power of a delicious fragrance and the ritualistic pleasure of bathing in perfume. It can soothe and invigorate, arouse and captivate, and their skill in blending and contrasting is what sets them apart.

I love getting a new diary every new year and always allow a family member to select one for me as I can NEVER choose myself. My only must-have is that there is a week to view option which the dairy diary does have. This 40th-anniversary edition is the perfect choice for planning your busy life and I love the super practical layout. There is plenty of spaces for notes, super useful stickers and I love the weekly recipes, I always love to try new recipes. I have already made the back forest pancakes and they are AMAZING. My favourite feature is just how colourful the diary is, from front to back ts literally bursting in stunning photographic images.

We all need to chill and relax every now and then and the products sold by Neves Bees are just the ideal thing to assist that calm. All Neves Bees products are made in their workshop in West Oxfordshire using their wildcrafted beeswax and they are packaged in sustainable recycled packaging. This body oil is 100% natural plant oils combined with ylang-ylang, jasmine and sweet orange. A little goes a long way and it smells divine! If oils aren't your thing they also sell lip balm, hand salve, body and natural soaps all in a variety of scents. Let's not forget the super cute postcard and wildflower seeds included in your beautifully gift-wrapped order.

I LOVE some skincare, now I'm the wrong side of 40 and I fell in love with serums! They make your skin SUPER soft and I am so excited to have 3 new serums in my collection. The alpha-hydroxy helps brighten your complexion, the collagen boost increases elasticity and the multifunction hyaluronic acid reduces fine lines and wrinkles, a triple threat of serums. I also have the retinol recovery night cream which reduces age spots. I love how with these products a little goes a long way and that the products are 90% natural and most are vegan, They contain no harsh or toxic ingredients and are NOT tested on animals.

Our Remedy is an award-winning female founded brand whose focus is sustainability and self-care. This fab gift set combines Christmas cocoa with Our Remedy's Moon Swings oil for a delicious treat with added wellness benefits. The vegan hot chocolate powder can be combined with your favourite milk and a few drops of Moon Swings oil for a soothing mint choc treat! Our Remedy also contains other essential oils such as Clary Sage and geranium, which have their own benefits for PMS, they infuse their CBD with different essential oils. This makes it taste fresh and takes away the oil and cannabis taste, something that puts some off CBD.
Ramar sponges remind me of my Mum she has ALWAYS used them and they were always dotted around the house. Made from a magic material, all Ramer Sponges harden as they dry, helping to prevent the growth of bacteria, and will instantly soften when soaked in warm water, ready to re-use. Super-soft, non-scratchy, hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive skin, Ramer Sponges are machine washable at 40o C, durable and long-lasting. I love the luxury sponge it has textured edges and feels like it gives you a proper scrub without being rough!

Lily & Rabbit soaps are a gorgeous addition to any bathroom or shower, and they work beautifully and efficiently on the skin. The Goat’s Milk Range, made with soothing goat’s milk from local Yorkshire farms, combined with olive oil and castor oil make a lovely lather. All of the Goat’s Milk soaps are gentle, mild and non-irritating for sensitive skin. Sea Kelp & French green clay both gently exfoliate. French green clay is known for its soothing properties and is especially good for oily, acne prone skin. Natural sea kelp, rosemary essential oil and a hint of spearmint provide a fresh, clean smelling bar. Recommended for the face but can be used all over the body.

The most useful gift you can send this Christmas - CLCKR phone case stand and grip This phone case with stand or universal grip is absolutely a gadget you don’t know you need until you use one. It stands your device in landscape, portrait or telco mode. It allows you to video call handsfree, watch Netflix, see your favourite recipe or work out at home without propping your phone up against a water bottle! The beautiful range in collaboration with Richmond and Finch is simply stunning with designs in bright popping colours and pretty floral designs.
Sassy Shop Whipped Soap - £7.95 - Wax Melt - £3.20
I am familiar with Sassy Shop and have shopped with them before, I adore their wax melts. This Christmas gingerbread wax melt smells immense, all Sassy shop wax melts are highly scented, I break mine into 4 pieces. I am in love with this Snow Pixie whipped soap it really looks good enough to eat. The scent hits you in the face as soon as you take off the lid and like all Sassy products they are vegan and cruelty-free. The whipped soaps liked the wax melts are available in a whole host of your favourite scents and will make amazing gifts.
Transformulas specialise in beauty without surgery and have been used by many celebrities such as Anna Wintour, Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Victoria Beckham and more. Their products provide safe, quick, visible and effective results. Their Marine Miracle Creme is their signature moisturiser, this cult classic has fans all over the world, glowing reviews and does exactly what it says on the box . . . works miracles!  Minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness with our nutrient-rich repairing eye concentrate. A lightweight texture with a acutely powerful formulation, a combination of our hero signature marine plant extracts and five times ultra-concentrated 5x ALDAVINE™ which is proven to increase cell regeneration, hydrates and moisturises, de-ageing and smoothing the skin around the eye area for a visible difference. This eye treatment is suitable for all skin types and should be used twice a day as part of a daily regime for best results. Dab a small amount (roughly the size of a grain of rice) then with your ring finger, evenly and lightly tap the product around the eye area with an outward movement.
I love my iPhone 13 mini and it's about time it has some adequate protection. Tech21 cases offer max protection, saving costly devices against multiple drops with some products offering up to 20ft drop protection – the perfect present for someone as clumsy as me. The silver sparkle iPhone 13 mini case shimmers in the light and is scratch-resistant. Developed by Tech 21's in-house team of scientists to protect your device in style, this gorgeous case offers protection for every element both inside and out. There is also a hygenic microbe reducing formula built into the case.

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