Christmas Gifts For Men

Now when it comes to the men in your life we always get stuck in a rut of the same old socks, slippers and smellies routine. I am totally guilty of this when it comes to the men in my life. So I hope this guide will give you some fresh ideas when it comes to gifting the male's something different this year!
BeLoved's 100% natural pet care is the perfect gift him and your four-legged friend. Be Vegan a soothing and calming shampoo bar, rrp £5 is perfect for those pet parents that practice what they preach when it comes to living a true vegan lifestyle. Be: Vegan is packed full of naturally calming ingredients including vegan hemp and chamomile, making it the perfect choice for a range of skin issues including dandruff, eczema or rosacea. Be Fresh Probiotic Home & Kennel Sanitising Spray, rrp £12. Accidents happen and when they do it’s easy to clean up with this specially formulated spray. Use to clean, scent and protect your dog’s bed – the spray is safe for use on fabrics - and surrounding areas whilst on holiday. The smell will remind them of home, whilst hoteliers and holiday homeowners will thank you for the courtesy as the active ingredients get to work if resoiling should occur.
Lynx have released a range of car fresheners, which promise to slowly infuse your choice of Lynx aroma into your car, the perfect stocking filler this Christmas! Each classic Lynx fragrance has been harnessed into a sleek diffuser, available in five different formats. From Ice Chill to Dark Temptation, each freshener promises 30 days of freshness. The hanging air fresheners retail at just £2.99 and the gel can fresheners at just £3.99. You can also get vent fresheners and refills, available exclusively to Halfords this Christmas.
Inspired by the ancient technique of enfleurage Neves Bees use only our natural beeswax blended with organic plant oils and pure essential oils to create their little tins of zing. You simply swipe your finger over the solid perfume and apply to pulse points to keep you focused throughout your day. The packaging is totally recyclable with our slider tins, linen bags and new Eco-labels – made from totally bio-degradable materials, rrp £16 for the tin or just an extra 50p for the cute little gift bag and tag.
Stop snoring and sleep better with Good Night Anti Snore Ring, rrp £29.99 a natural, non-invasive and elegant way to help reduce or stop snoring. The Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring is a special ring worn on your pinkie finger that helps you sleep at night. Pop it on 30 minutes before you go to sleep and let the acupressure stimulators go to work to open up your breathing passages whilst you sleep. There are not one, but two points inside Good Night Ring. These apply light pressure on specific points on your little finger. These help you to fall asleep and breathe better during the night. It helps your tiredness and therefore makes you more productive.
Encased in a sleek, matte jacket, Ted’s highly charged Gold AU fragrance has been formulated to spark a positive reaction. Featuring notes of bergamot and clove, this masculine scent was made for the modern-day man who believes the devil is in the detail. This is beautifully designed and boxed and makes a stunning gift, it retails at £40 for a 100ml bottle which is a fab price. It smells AMAZING too, Dave has been wearing it and I can't help but sniff him as he walks by, sign of a good aftershave that!
The Natural Barber Co offers the perfect Christmas gifts for any man in your life. Not only are The Natural Barber Co products great for your hair, using natural ingredients which are free from petrolatum/ mineral oils, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance and other nasty chemicals but they are also great for the environment. The Zeus Pomade creates the classic slick back with a glossy, natural finish. The Hades Matte Paste is a lightweight thickening paste, ideal for fine and medium hair ensuring a light hold without weighing down the hair. Both products are available priced at £16.95 each.
The Nivea men complete collection gift set, £18, helps conquer the five signs of skin irritation with this five-piece set from NIVEA Men. The NIVEA MEN Sensitive Shaving Foam instantly protects the skin from 5 signs of shaving irritation.  Sensitive Protect Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Roll-on has been dermatologically tested and developed especially for sensitive skin. Sensitive Moisturiser and men's sensitive face wash, manscaping all in one box!

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