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Britain Loves Baking is the new home of family baking. Whether you’ve recently discovered the joys of baking or are an accomplished baker looking for new ideas for baking, they provide all the ambient and dry ingredients that you need to create the perfect sweet treats or yummy bread in one baking box. Their baking boxes are delivered directly to your door, and there’s no charge for delivery in Mainland UK! They take all the fuss out of finding that perfect bread or cake recipe – and then the hassle of sourcing all the ingredients. They offer a selection of baking boxes created by their very own Greg The Baker, ranging from a ‘3 Recipe Tasting Box’ – ideal for those new to baking, to a chocalicious ‘Chocolate Taster Box’ crammed full of indulgent chocolate bakes. All their ingredients are of the very finest quality and the recipe instructions are easy to follow. So you don’t need to worry if you can’t tell the difference between folding, mixing and creaming! Myself and the children love a bot of baking and can often be found in the kitchen whipping up their favourite banana loaf! We were sent a few different boxes to give a try and get us excited for some Christmas baking this year.
The Afternoon Tea Box gives you the choice of a trip to the restaurant or you can bake at home and host your own traditional British afternoon tea party at your home. The Small Afternoon Tea Box for 2-3 guests or Big Afternoon Baking kits are ideal for up to six guests. The box included all the ingredients you need and step-by-step recipes that are so easy to follow that even those who are new to home baking will have no problem creating tasty treats.
The children loved getting creative with the icing and Christmas decorations on the orange and chocolate cakes they helped make. I say helped loosely when in essence I did all the hard work and they licked the spoon!! I mean whats baking with Mum if you can't lick the spoon afterwards. They helped with the scones and teacakes and were fascinated watching the teacake batter rise as it proved.
We bought a cake stand to present their afternoon tea on and they loved it. Ironically we actually did all of this on Halloween!! Seen as we couldn't do what we normally would with family it was a welcome distraction. We got straight on with making our gingerbread fudge and chocolate house when we were done with the baking.
This chocolate and ginger fudge is so easy to make and it keeps well so you can enjoy it over the festive season. Studded with chunks of spicy stem ginger, this indulgent chocolate fudge is the perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth and packaged up will make a fab gift for someone this festive season. The kids really enjoyed the Christmas chocolate house kit, it was right up their street. They really went to town with their decorations, maybe next time a little more icing is required on our part as some of our roof fell off!! The chocolate tasted divine all the same.
We really enjoyed these fab kits from Britain loves baking and think they would make a great gift this Christmas. No matter if they are a novice baker or a fab baker they will love these kits. Make sure you check out the Christmas section on the website and see the range of fab gifting options available.
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