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Can you believe that Scooby Doo has been gracing our screens for 50 years!! It's a show I remember watching with my siblings, then my own children. Its been amazing seeing the change in the animation for the cartoon version, then watching the actual film version with the kids. This year the Scooby Doo franchise is back with a brand new animated movie launched in America, it's heading to the UK too, I'll let you know as soon as there is a date. To support that movie Character Options has launched a fab new Scooby Doo toy line!
scooby doo toys
The line up has 6 different items available for your avid Scoob fan and they are all at really great prices. We have been sent 2 of these to take a look at, the Mystery Machine and the action figure multi-pack. Also in the range is the Scoob twin pack of action figures, Scoob Mystery Mansion, Plush Scoob figures and the awesome super-stretch Scoob which I know Cody would love!
scooby doo mystrey machine
The Scoob Mystery Machine retails at just £20 which is a great price for a toy that starts as a functional vehicle and opens out into a cool playset. It has all the markings of the mystery machine and has space for up to 6 figures to sit in the vehicle. The mystery machine comes with a poseable Shaggy figure because there is no Scoob without his sidekick is there? The roof of the mystery machine is packed full of equipment to help the gang on their mystery solving missions. The vehicle has moving wheels so can be easily pushed around for some imaginative play. I like that you can fit all 6 of your action figures in the vehicle, it is well made of sturdy plastic and there are no loose parts. The vehicle is suitable from ages 3 and up, so perfect for your younger Scoob fans in the family.
mystery machine side view
mystery machine front view
To accompany the mystery machine and enhance our play opportunity we were also sent the Scoob action figure multi pack rrp £10! Again a great price, I bet you can't show me another 6 piece action figure pack for just £10. In the box, you get  Super Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Blue Falcon, Dick Dastardly, Black Rotten and Dusty Rotten. All the figures are fully poseable and look the same as they do in the movie. All of the figures are a great size, no loose pieces, so suitable for ages 3+
scooby doo action figures
Our chief tester for these toys was, of course, Spud, he likes Scooby Doo and testing toys is every kid favourite past time. He got to work straight away putting them to the test and telling me what he thought. I was impressed the packaging was very limited on plastic, always a good sign, just 1 piece of plastic on each package, the rest of the packaging was all recyclable. Another parenting win is that none of the toys required batteries.
playing with scooby doo
The sides of the mystery machine all open out to make a playset for your action figures, this enables some imaginative play opportunities. Spud loves to make up his own little stores and scenarios with the actor figures. True to form Scoobs and Shaggy are trying to solve a spooky mystery.
mystery machine play
There is as I said above room inside the mystery machine for all your action figures, this is great for storage options, there is nothing worse than pulling out a playset and there are pieces missing. I encouraged Spud to put the action figures inside before he finished playing and the vehicle can be stored in his toy box with his figures safely inside.
toy play
The mystery machine and action figure set got the thumbs up from Spud, he has just turned 9 and he didn't find the playset and figures too small to play with. He enjoyed playing with them and is definitely interested in the rest of the range, handy to know for birthdays! He is eagerly awaiting the release date fo the new animation in the UK, I will be sure to pop on here and let you know the date when we get it.
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Mandy & Cody

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