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We have been plodding on since our last post and we have fallen into a comfortable routine for our home life. The promise of a blog a week flew out of the window the day after I published the last post......LOL, The kiddos are mostly happy with the routine as it isn't heavily work focused and involves lots of free time for them to just be kids. 

My youngest school have finally after weeks set up some kind of work schedule and he now has to complete an online lesson everyday and submit it by 3pm. He has also had a few class video calls, so it was nice for him to see some of his friends. 

After half term Pops went back in school for her 3 hours per day, I think that even of her school opens fully we will stick to the 3-hour sessions as they seem to fit her well for the moment. Dj is attending school 1 morning per week to assist him with his English work, I have struggled to get him to complete his English as its one of the few lessons where resources are given online and he needs to write the answers, after not writing for 10 weeks he was reluctant. He is due to start his new school in September and right now should be having transition visits there, this obviously isn't happening and we don't currently know whats going on with that. The good news for Dj is that all the paperwork for Dj's EHCP is finally in and we are hoping for a good outcome in place for his new school come September. Spud's school are due to reopen next week for the year 6 kids, he is adamant should his year be able to go back to school that he wants to do so. I don't really have an argument for him not to go back as 2 of his siblings are back in school on some sort of basis. There has been a whole lot of argument about whether it is safe for the kids to go back to school or not. For us Dave has been in working all through lockdown, so we are already at risk of possible infection, so the kiddos being at school makes no difference. The schools have put in some really sensible measures to ensure the kids are safe in school, so the likely hood is we have more chance of catching corona from Dave being at work than we do with the kids being back at school.

I think what people want to remember is we are all parents and responsible for making decisions for our own children, what's right for one family might not be right for the next, so berating people on social media when they post pics of their excited children heading back to school after over 2 months is just mean! Do what's right for you and mind your business as to what others are doing for their own family. From speaking to my close family and friends is a complete 50/50 split on whether they are sending their kiddos back.

Since we last spoke I have finally finished the kitchen, I'm not totally in love with it as the wallpaper is a little too dark for my liking, BUT its up and its better than the bare walls that have been there since December!! My next job is the decorate the new hallway that was created when the boys big bedroom was divided into 2 rooms. I also want to redo Skye's room but want to wait until after shes had her operation because I want to get her a new bed too.

We had a lovely weekend and finally after over 2 months, thanks to the easing of the lockdown I was able to see my beautiful Niece and Nephew! We had a lovely gathering in our garden and the sun shone for us! It was so lovely to see them, their Mum and Dad too obviously. Have any of you been able to see relatives after the lockdown easing? My Mum was shielding for 12 weeks due to her many health complaints, we actually had to break her shielding 3 weeks before the end of her 12 due to her having a little accident. I say little, but she tripped over and managed to break 2 of her fingers pretty badly and dislocated (to the point of the bone sticking out) her middle fingers. She required surgery for pins to try and fix them, sadly for her due to Corona she had to have it done under local anaesthetic rather than a general, she's a trooper though and she she hopefully is right as rain in a few weeks.

I think that's enough rambling from me, I have a Fathers Day gift guide to go and write and if I don't start now I will be up late into the night writing it! Trying to get anything done during the day is a no go at the moment!

Take Care, Stay Safe

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