Treasure X Aliens - Alien Ooze Eggs Review

With Easter just around the corner and half-term holidays approaching we have been sent some fab surprise eggs to review from Character Toys. All toys that contain a surprise are a big hit with all children at the moment and they all have their favourite surprise element toy. All my gang love a toy surprise and one that involves slime or goo is even better!
Treasure X Alien Ooze Eggs have landed and they are about to hatch! Break open the hard outer shell to discover a squishy alien egg inside! Squeeze to hatch and watch it explode! Inside, covered in alien ooze is a collectable mini alien. Search through the ooze to discover an alien treasure. Will you find a real gem treasure inside? These strange little aliens love sucking up their ooze through their mouth and nose. Squeeze the sides of the alien and watch them slurp it up and spit it out! Can you collect all 12 ooze sucking aliens? Available at Smyths Toys Superstore priced at only £4.99 they are the perfect alternative to an Easter egg.
Spud was eager to give these ago and didn't hesitate in ripping the wrapper off and cracking the egg open to get to the soft squidgy egg inside. He said it felt soft and gooey and he could feel the alien surprise inside, he was excited to give it a squidge and see what popped out!
The egg feels a bit rubbery but once you give it a good squeeze your alien surprise will pop out, along with the goo and slime inside the egg! I recommend doing this at a table as the slime will go everywhere. Make sure once your alien is out you have a feel around the deflated egg for your piece of treasure. As in the description above, each treasure egg contains an alien, slime and a piece of treasure. There are 12 different alien creatures to collect!
As a parent, you will be pleased to know its not lots of slime inside the egg, but enough to cover the alien.  It's real easy to clean up too, if you have a bit in your hands you can just use it to collect the rest, easy peasy. So the kids will love it and its easy to clean, win-win I say. 
If your kids are extra gross like mine then they will love the next feature! The aliens all have open-ended noses/nostrils that such the slime up if you squeeze the alien, squeeze it again and they splurt the slime back out! How amazingly gross! The kids love it though.
The Treasure X Aliens are available from Smyths Toy Superstore priced at just £4.99 each and with 12 to collect your kids are definitely going to be wanting to collect them all! Head over to Treasure X for your chance to win your own treasure x goodies.
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