The Month That Was February

It feels like February was a very busy month for us but with not a lot happening if I'm honest. It started with me deciding I wanted a bit of a hair colour change. I've got really dark brown hair and getting colour to stick is a nightmare, so I decided to bleach it! I actually bleached it 3 times within a week and lost half of the hair in my head in the process!! I was rocking about with half yellow half white hair for a few days. I was walking round with my hood up as it was AWFUL. I then had a temporary colour put on as my hair was in no condition for a permanent colour with peroxide in. So I had a lovely shade of lilac hair for a while before I was able to put the purple colour on it I wanted. My hair is now just as dark as before I started and I have a lot less hair!! But I love the final colour, I've had a lot of hair masks between then and now to help repair my hair and the condition is getting better everyday!
Around the 10th of Feb was the start of the crazy storms that swept through the country and are still lingering in some parts. We were quite lucky and had no flooding, we live in a built-up area so are thankful for that. We did, however, have a portaloo blowing down the road we live on which was pleasant!! The news was full of hundreds of people flooded out of their properties, business and the clean up is still an ongoing process. I have to say its the one thing that puts me off living somewhere a bit rural.
Also in February, it was happy gotcha day for our little Honey! I can't believe we have been dog owners for 4 years. It feels like she's always been here and she is just as crazy as she was when we got her. When she came home she looked like a little frog with her eyes on the side of her head. Our family wouldn't be the same without her.

February was also the month we found out the Pops will definitely being facing colostomy surgery. We knew it was coming following her failed botox procedure in December. I was searching #Stoma on Instagram and discovered Buttony Bear. They are a wonderful charity based in Scotland who make teddy bears with stomas and colostomy bags. I got in touch and asked how I could buy one for her. They told me they send them out for free via sponsors who donate to their charity and one was made and sent for Pops. Its been great for explaining to her what's going to happen and for her to be able to see a tiny colostomy bag attached to the bear. We are hoping to get her operation date through soon. I'm not overly worried as Pops loves a hospital visit, although she is having a full-on operation. I do think she will be weirded out my a piece of her bowel being stitched to the outside of her stomach! But shes going to have a much better quality of life this way and do so many things she currently isn't able.
At the very end of the month, our youngest turned 9!!! bloody 9, I feel old. He had a wonderful birthday surrounded by his family and friends. We celebrated his birthday a few days early with a day out at the cinema and treetops golf with his little girlfriend. He was actually in school on his birthday, poor lad, but getting home to his most wanted present he asked for made up for it! He adored his Nintendo Switch Lite, even if our bank balance didn't!!! It was a lot more expensive than what we would normally budget for a birthday, but it was the one thing he asked for and he never asks for anything so we decided sod it and got it anyway. He deals with a lot sometimes having 3 autistic siblings and being swept along in our rigid routine. He was chuffed to bits with it.

So that's us in February, so what happened on the blog? Well the start of the month I updated all about Pops bowel condition in the blog post titled Bowel Saga Update. If you want to know more about why she's having a stoma and colostomy do head over and have a read. Next up was a post about L, he's got a place at college and we are so proud of him. The post College When You're Autistic and Not Academic explains a bit about the type, of course, he's going to be doing and the outcome of the course in the long run. With it being his birthday 9 Years of Mr C just had to be a feature didn't it. I also published a Mothers Day Gift Guide, I am actually still waiting for a few items to arrive, so do check it out for some fab gift ideas. The last post of the month is a fab giveaway, I teamed up with Skates to give one of my readers the chance to win a fab Grit Atom Stunt Scooter in time for Easter!

So that's our February round-up, as I said at the start it felt really busy, but nothing much happened! I'm hoping to write one of these each month and ending it with a few goals I want to achieve over the following month. This month I want to:

  • Lose at least half a stone! I have rejoined slimming world in a bit to lose a few lbs and feel healthier.
  • Rejoin swimming and go at least 3 times a week.
  • Hit my 10'000 daily step target, even at weekends. On a weekday incorporating school run, I hit it no problem, but weekends are always a struggle.
  • Try to drink at least 2 litres of water a day!

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