School Leavers 2020

My final year 11 school picture
I remember being in school and being desperate to leave, that was 22 years ago and I've spent some of the past 22 years wishing I was back in school. I don't think you realise how simplistic life is when you are in school, it's only when you leave and have to adult you think wow it was so much easier in school.

I fondly remember my last weeks in high school it was filled with anticipation of the future, sadness at leaving friends and excitement of what's to come. We had our final assembly, final school trip (Alton Towers), prize giving assembly, the final day when everyone signed your shirt, sitting our GCSE exams and finally going to pick up our exam results in August and seeing your friends that one last time before college.

Ready for his next chapter
Life is all about firsts and lasts, I remember L's first day at school, he was newly diagnosed as autistic and we knew the education journey would be fraught. But we were still excited as it was a first. He was incredibly supported through primary and successfully transitioned into high school. He started year 11 in September so this school year has been all about his lasts. It's not been the easiest of years so far and yesterday's news was the final piece of the puzzle.

Yesterday so many year 11's school journey was cut short and they will miss out on all those lasts. They won't sit their GCSE's, won't get to pick up their GCSE results, won't have the fear or nervousness of sitting their final exam. They were all told yesterday that they won't be sitting any exams and that it was their final day of Year 11! I know most us thought this would be the case with the current situation, but I think to some it was still a massive shock. I saw so many social media posts from shocked and upset parents and kids, It wasn't just our year 11's either it is pretty much the same for the year 6's leaving for high school and missing their SATs. 

I feel so bad for all those kids who have crammed for their exams, wrote revision notes, been going to booster sessions after school. Have worked so hard all this time for such a sad premature end to their efforts. For L the early end of school has come as a relief, he isn't too academic, struggled a lot for the past few years and was counting down the days till the end. He is in a minority feeling this way, but for him, the end is a relief, his anxiety is so much better all ready.

I don't think this has ever happened before so I am sure this is something all those year 11's will be able to recount to their grandchildren one day. The tear of 2020 when exams and school were cancelled and we all had to stay home!!
Stay Safe

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