Bowel Saga Update

If you read my post 48hrs post botox you will know about Pops bowel issues. We have now been for her follow up appointment following her botox injections. We knew within a few days that the botox hadn't worked. The doctor did tell us beforehand that there was only a 50/50 chance the procedure would work, but he thought it was still worth a go. I agreed, she's been waiting this long so what difference did a few more months make on a 50% chance that she wouldn't need to have a stoma and colostomy bag. 

We are now on the waiting list for her operation and looking at 3-6 months for the operation. We have already had her pre-op assessment and signed all the consent forms. I also signed a form agreeing to any general surgeon doing the procedure, this will speed up her waiting time. I have had a long conversation with the play specialist last week and they now have a list of things that need to be put in place to make her stay as comfortable for her. Luckily Pops loves hospitals, I have a feeling this may be the visit that changes that. We are in for a minimum of 3 days and the maximum of 10, the length of stay is dependant on her reaction to surgery. This is the first time she is having real surgery and not just a quick procedure. 

The operation itself will take between 2-3 hours, a cut will be made in her tummy and part of her colon will be pulled out and stitched to her tummy. Once healed it will look a bit like a strawberry on her tummy. The colon has no nerve ending so it won't be sore to touch. She will be a bit tender for a few days while the stoma starts working. A colostomy bag will be stuck over the stoma and that will collect the waste from her bowel. This means no more nappies and she can't wait!!

It's going to be a big life adjustment for her, but a positive one once she's used to it! She is desperate to go swimming and wear nice girly clothes, all things she cants do when wearing nappies or pads, she just wants to be a normal 11-year-old girl. I will be blogging throughout her surgery, recovery and life with a stoma.
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