New Year......New Me?

You see it all over social media year in year out don't you, New year new start, new year new me! I've decided that's not me this year. I quite like the old me, it's taken some time to get here, but now I'm here I quite like it. There are things Id like to change and change them I will, but not on the whim of a new year pledge! I mean if I pledge them on New Year's eve I am bound to break them by midnight on January 1st. 

So with that in mind, this is my list of changes I would like to make over the course of the year. No pressure to wake up on January 1st and be a whole new woman! Change takes time and putting pressure to change makes you doomed to fail as you beat yourself up for not doing it. 

1. Lose Some Weight - For health, not vanity! I don't care what people think when they look at me, I never have. I am fortunate that even though I am overweight I don't yet have any weight-related illnesses. I do have episodes of high blood pressure but that is due to a pre-existing condition with the vessels in my brain. But I know that I am at risk of diabetes, cholesterol and heart-related conditions. As a Mum of 4, I want to be healthier, not thinner!

2. Restart Swimming - I used to go swimming several times a week, but it just tailed off towards the end of the year. I love swimming it just doesn't feel like exercise and I can swim for miles. I would like to be going 3 times per week eventually.

3. Hydrate - I drink plenty, unfortunately, its plenty of diet drinks, tea and coffee. I probably get my 2 to 3 litres per day, but it's not just pure water. I have a whole cupboard full of water bottles that just aren't being used. My skin is so much better when I am hydrating myself.

4. Weekly Skin Pamper - I do my daily cleanse, tone and moisturiser most moring, I usually forget at night time! I want to take better care of my skin now I'm nearing 40. I have purchased some lovely Body Shop bits to enable me to pamper my skin on a weekly basis.

5. Only 1 Takeaway Per Month - I meal plan weekly, I always have as its a great way to save money and not have a freezer full of unused food. But the last 3 months of the year we had one too many takeaways. So we want to limit it to 1 per month, that way it makes it feel more like a treat.

6. Monthly Date Night - This is one we used to stick to religiously but have let it slip. As parents of 4 time away from the brood is much needed. It doesn't have to be anything posh or expensive, just some time away from the kiddies. Whether that be a trip to Nandos or a walk in the park, just some time away.

7. Finish House & Garden - This has been a work in progress for a few years. I have no doubt by the time we finish it will be time to start again. The builders have been in and separated the boy's room. We need to decorate those, have new flooring put down in one of them, finish the kitchen, buy a new fridge and have a bed build into the over stairs cupboard in Miss S's room. I want those things completed in the first 3 months of the year. Then as Spring comes around we can work on the gardens. I want the front half flagging for the bins and the back half decking for the garden furniture.

I want to check back on these in December and see which ones we managed to achieve! It's a whole 12 months, which seems a long time, but I am pretty sure we only just saw Christmas 2018 a few months ago!! 

Are you a resolution type of person, or do you just feel pressure and fail like me? Do you want to make some year-long pledges, I would love to hear them below.
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