16 Years On The Planet

Just before the weekend, L turned 16!! I am in complete denial that my oldest is leaving school in a few short months. It seems like yesterday that I put an 8lb 10 baby in a car seat and brought him home. He made his presence felt in our lives from day 1! My waters went in the middle of the night, but my contractions never followed as they should and I ended up being induced as he just didn't want to come out. I was discharged just 24 hours after his birth, a first time Mum with a lot to learn. 

He wasn't an easy baby, didn't sleep much (still doesn't), didn't like cuddles, didn't want to be held, didn't like the noise it was truly a baptism of fire for new parents. We settled into a new normal with him and got on the best we could. He met his milestones on time and became a serious toddler, he started nursery at 2 and that's when the word autism started to get banded around. He was actually diagnosed very quickly and the answers to our serious, curious little boy all became crystal clear. We were sent home with a folder reading 'Now Your Child Has Autism' and left to get on with it! 

School has been a difficult long road for L but luckily for him, he had 2 wonderful Ta's in primary school and its testament to them that he's got as far as he has now. On his move to move to high school a TA there took him under her wing, it was a massive blow to him when she left at the end of year 9. He takes everything in his stride and a new wing person was found and I know when he starts college in a few months he needs to find a new wing person to see him through.

The idea of him starting college freaks me out, he seems very blase about college, he seems to be looking forward to the sense of freedom. In the past 2 years, we have been building his independence and allowing him to go to the local shopping centre. He wants to spread his wings and go further afield now. Its lovely to see him blossoming and I am excited to see how his future develops. 

He starts college in September he will be doing a year-long preparation course for a supported internship. On completion of this, he will then do a supported internship based at our local hospital, which will result in a long term job! 

My boy has big plans, he tells me he is moving out when he is 22, so I still 6 years of looking after him! I am told I can come to his flat and clean up for him and do his laundry!! Charming......

He knows we will be there no matter what he needs, just like we have for the last 16 years and the next 16 years, the future is looking bright!
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