It's been 10 months

I can't believe it's been 10 months since I've written properly, I think the break was fully needed and thoroughly enjoyed. Well, the kids are 10 months older, as am I, but we will ignore that, hurtling towards 40 now!! But what have we all been up to?? Let's catch up.....
Let's start with the kids....

L is 16 in a few weeks...... 16!! I'm going to be the owner of a 16-year-old. I can still vividly remember bringing him home from the hospital all chubby and quiet. He's studying hard for his GCSE's, he's not doing a full set, school still presents a massive challenge for him, but he's muddling through with the end hurtling towards him. We've discussed college options and can't seem to find a course that suits him, the idea of an apprenticeship isn't appealing to him. One of our local colleges does a course that seems suitable for kids like him. Its like a college preparation course, so it helps him decide what he wants from college, what type, of course, he wants to do and whether a supported apprenticeship is suitable for him. We have an interview with the college late January to discuss his options fully.

Dj is still struggling at school, you may remember we removed him from education 3 months before the end of year 6 as he just wasn't getting the support he so needed. His primary school failed him massively. I'm not naive, I know its all about funding and paperwork, but as a parent, you don't care about all that, you care about your childrens well being. He is now in year 8 and getting some support in lessons. Myself and the school have agreed that the next step is applying for an EHCP for him and we will get the wheels in motion for that after the Christmas holidays. It's likely he will be rejected as educationally he is doing OK, but it's the other things he needs support with that are making schooling difficult.

Pops is now fully settled into her new school, she absolutely loves it. It's so refreshing not to have to fight with her to get her to go to school. As the school is local to us, she doesn't get transport anymore, so we actually take her to school every day, which is lovely. We are able to build a bond with her school and attend school events. Shes made so much progress already in a short space of time. Things are moving along with her bowel issues, but I will do a separate blog post on that all together as its a long story.

Spud is now in year 4, our only child without autism who still challenges us in ways we don't know how to deal with! He is incredibly bright and has a talent for maths. There isn't a timetable you can give him that he cant answer within seconds! He went on his first foreign holiday with his Nanna and Aunt and had the time of his life. He has progressed to stage 5 in his swimming lessons and is so proud of himself, just 2 more stages to go before he's completed the lot! 

Dave has had a promotion at work, which means an increase in hours. Working has been the pinnacle of improving his mental health. Being a fulltime carer isn't all it's cracked up to be, people think being able to sit home all day is great, but in real life its not. Through work he has a sense of purpose, he's lost almost 7 stone from riding his bike and lugging cages at work. He still has some wor to do on his mental health, but there have been major improvements all around. He still loves a sneaky go on his Xbox when he's not working!

Lastly Me! I've been doing what I do best which is plodding on. I decided to step back into blogging after 10 months as I missed it. I realized that blogging was like my therapy. I didn't quite know how to talk about the miscarriage. You just expect after getting a positive test that everything will be ok like it was the 4 previous times, so to miscarry this time was a massive shock. I've picked myself up and we are really lucky we have 4 children, some people can't have one. I'm looking forward to the challenge of building my blog back up to the stage it was at before I ended it.
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